Packing Tips

You can pack yourself or hire the movers to pack for you. Packing yourself saves money and you know how, what and where everything has been packed.

Start packing early. This gives you the chance to decide which of your belongings you can dispose of by having a garage sale or donating to charity.

The key to a successful move is organization. Pack each room in its on set of boxes. Label the boxes with color-coded dots. This will help everybody know where things go in your new home. By placing a dot on the door to each room, the movers know where each box goes.


If you are going to move yourself, you will need some essential items.


The best thing is to have the original boxes and packing material. Nice thought! Most of us don’t have the extra room needed to keep all this stuff. O.K. Below are the alternative packing instructions.

First, never use newspaper to wrap items. Newspaper ink can rub off and leave stains. Always use clean, white paper for packing. You can use newspaper as an extra layer of padding over the clean, white paper.

Dishes, Cups and Glasses

Small Kitchen Appliances


Electronic Equipment


Washing Machines

Refrigerator & Freezer

Pictures and Mirrors


Chest of Drawers, Desks, etc.




Garden Tools & Outdoor Furniture



Things Not to Ship