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Real Estate
2008 Home Prices
Median: $705,000
%SP/LP: 95.3%
Units Sold: 798

2008 Condo Prices
Median: $386,000
%SP/LP: 95.3%
Units Sold: 392

Population: 78,2479
Median Age: 38.9
Median Income: $51,019
Ave. Family: 2.96

Carlsbad Real Estate
San Diego County

Carlsbad real estate is reasonably priced, compared to many other parts of San Diego County. The average home price last year was $765,795and the median home price was $705,000. For up-to-date real estate statistics and trend charts visit our San Diego Real Estate Market Trends Report.

Carlsbad was named for Karlsbad, Germany famous for its spas, after mineral waters were found. Incorporated in 1952, Carlsbad is one of the biggest suburban cities in the county with plenty of room to grow.

The city extends well inland and rises from the Pacific to the hills, which means many homes with spectacular views.

Carlsbad has four distinct neighborhoods. Old Town is on the Pacific in the northwest. It has expanded to the east with new subdivisions. Through redevelopment, Old Town has been renovated, preserving what could be saved, including the train depot, several hotels and a Victorian restaurant.

On summer nights, the promenade is filled with strollers enjoying the restaurants, cafes, sidewalk dining, shops and the nightclubs.

Being a coast city, there's water everywhere: a state park runs along much of the shoreline, Buena Vista Lagoon is on the north side and Agua Hedionda Lagoon to the south.

Here's where you'll find the oldest homes in Carlsbad, mixed in with new. Some units are small but well-kept. The streets are wide and laid out on a grid, the old style.

East of Interstate 5, suburbia takes over with a mix of tract homes and apartments. The streets rise into the hills and, with some searching, homes with views can be had. There's a regional shopping plaza at the north end of El Cantino Real.

South of Old Town and the Agua Hedionda Lagoon is another small but growing neighborhood with a mix of single homes and apartments around another big lagoon, Batiquitos.

Moving east of Interstate 5 again, on the south side, is La Costa: country club subdivisions built around two 18-hole golf courses. Some knock-your-eyes-out custom homes rise into the wild blue yonder and look out over Batiquitos Lagoon and the Pacific. It's not all expensive, custom homes. There are also modest homes, condos and in one section large, striking duplexes with views.

If you're lucky enough to hold a local job, the commute is a cinch. Otherwise, San Diego's 33 miles to the south and the commute is not pretty. There is rail service to downtown San Diego and to points north. Carlsbad has two train stations. Alternately, the airport in town has commuter flights to L.A.

Carlsbad is famous for its flowers. In the spring, the buttercups and gladiolus and other flowers delight the eye and pleased by the attention (and visitors), the town is brightening winter with a feast of poinsettias.


Recreational choices in Carlsbad are unusually good. There are 20 parks, 8 playgrounds, 21 public tennis courts, five recreation halls, two gyms, and if you tire of the ocean and lagoons, there's a public swimming pool.

Along with the usual sports: soccer, baseball, football, etc., there are lawn bowling, drag and moto-cross racing at a raceway, and an annual triathlon.

Carlsbad is also golfers' heaven. In or near Carlsbad are about 10 golf courses and several more are planned. Several annual tournaments draw the top pros in golf.

Also located in the city are about 30 firms that manufacture golf equipment and clothing.


In the spring and summer Carlsbad attracts many visitors and the town actively promotes tourism. In the final stages of completion is the Lego theme park that mixes fun with education. Legoland is being built on 128 acres and hopes to attract 1.8 million visitors annually. The park will employ about 700.

Another plus for business is the airport in the middle of the city. Business and light industry cluster around it.

Resorts are another big business in Carlsbad. You have heard of the famous La Costa Resort and Spa. In 1997, the Four Seasons opened a new hotel and resort spa, which employs about 1,000.


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