At a Glance
Real Estate
2008 Home Prices
Median: $1,527,500
%SP/LP: 90.8%
Units Sold: 96

2008 Condo Prices
Median: $785,000
%SP/LP: 92.7%
Units Sold: 40

Population: 4,389
Median Age: 43.5
Median Income: $57,888
Ave. Family: 2.61

Del Mar Real Estate
San Diego County

Del Mar real estate is high-priced. The average home price last year was $1,977,585 The median home price was $1,527,500. For up-to-date real estate statistics and trend charts visit our San Diego Real Estate Market Trends Report.

If you want small town, on the coast, Del Mar is the place. There's one main street, Camino Del Mar, with cottages, homes and condos on both sides. The town rises into the hills and many homes have great views.

If you're looking for new homes, this isn't the place. Over 70% of the homes were built between 1950 and 1980. Only 200 new homes have been built in the last ten years. Del Mar is pretty well built out.

The big draw in Del Mar is the race track. Horses, that is. Summer begins in San Diego County with the annual fair, which draws one million visitors. The fair starts in mid-June and runs through early-July. The Disney web site rates it as the area's single best family event.

Del Mar is a short drive to La Jolla and many residents work at the University of California or are professionals affiliated with firms in La Jolla. If you plan on working in downtown San Diego, take the train. There's a station just south of Del Mar.

The city extends well inland and rises from the Pacific to the hills, which means many homes with spectacular views.


The City of Del Mar