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Real Estate
2008 Home Prices
Median: $618,500
%SP/LP: 95.2%
Units Sold: 86

2008 Condo Prices
Median: $333,000
%SP/LP: 96.5%
Units Sold: 229

Population: 51,109
Median Age: 32.2
Median Income: $51,019
College Graduates:

University City Real Estate
San Diego County

University City homes averaged $654,153 last year. The median home price was $618,500. For up-to-date real estate statistics and trend charts visit our San Diego Real Estate Market Trends Report.

University City is a neighborhood of San Diego rather than a separate, incorporated city. It is located across the I-5 from La Jolla and the University of California.

University City is a mix of high-rise hotels, single homes, apartments and stores. Rental units outnumber owner-occupied. Many of the people who work in La Jolla, and can't afford that pricey place, live here.


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