San Diego Real Estate Articles

Buying or selling a home often is a very frustrating process. Most of us only buy three to five properties in a lifetime. We don't have the on-going experience that being in the market day-in an day-out gives.

Remember the last time you bought a car? Stroll into a typical car dealership and we're at a big disadvantage. We only buy a car once every few years. But the people in the dealership negotiate sales all day long every day for years. Who's more skilled at this game?

Real estate is worse because the transaction is incredibly more complex than buying a car.

Can we become more educated about the process? Yes. Should we? Yes. Can we become educated enough to do it ourselves? Maybe. Is the time and effort worth it? That is something each individual must decide for themselves.

There are certain things it is wise to know about. In this section we have a list of articles to educate you on the more important aspects of buying or selling property.

Nevertheless, it is very important to have an experienced agent who will represent your interests, first and foremost.

Most people when they decide to buy a home, start looking at what's available. That's pretty easy with most properties for sale now available on the Internet. I suggest it is better to start looking for an agent you feel comfortable working with and you can trust.

A good agent will cut the amount of time you spend on finding the right home. A good agent will ensure that all the it's are dotted and the it's crossed. A good agent will know the market, the neighborhoods and where the skeletons are buried. In other words, while it is much easier to gather the information about buying or selling, an agent, a good agent, will be able to put it into perspective.

Also, a good agent has valuable knowledge about loan programs, personal contacts within neighborhoods, and training in price negotiations — elements that can't be obtained over the Internet.