San Diego County Relocation Guide

Moving can be stressful or high excitement. Usually it is a combination of the two.

This guide consists of a series of articles we hope will reduce the stress and turmoil of moving to a new city. Each article is on a separate page in a printer-friendly format.

First, establish a timetable. There are a myriad of tasks to accomplish in making a successful move. This timetable will assist you in making sure everything gets done.

Second, hire a moving company. Depending upon the time of year, this chore can become a nightmare. Do this early because there are only a limited amount of moving trucks and you don't want to be stuck with a local fly-by-night company. They are out there.

Next, do your homework. Advance knowledge of your new community goes a long way towards relieving the anxiety of the move. This site is set-up to assist you in finding out fundamental statistics about the community. As your agent, I can give you the little details about Orange County that will make the difference in your purchase of the right home, and neighborhood.

Don't forget the kids! Moving can be quite traumatic for children. We investigate ways to lessen their fear of the unknown. Click here for our report.

Finally, it's time to pack. There's an art and a science to packing and moving. We explore the various aspects of packing for an easier move. Click here for our packing tips.